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NEW SPONSORS for GMB! (thanks!!)

Jul 15, 2013

GIRL MEETS BIKE has had many supporters, and lately, a few new ones who I'd like to thank.  First, Kim Bartman and Anne Sexton who put on the awesome Bastille Day event at Cafe Barbette--thanks for the booth!  That made our Mid-Ohio voyage possible this Wednesday.  (Check our FB page for photos of that trip! 

Thanks also to our new GMB sponsors, AEROSTITCH of Duluth, MN, makers of the indestructable Combat Touring Boots and new waterproof riding leathers.  Gortex invented the leather, and Aerostitch made the suit.  I'm heading off covered in new leather, thanks to Aerostitch (who we look forward to seeing at Mid-Ohio races).  Many thanks to Andy and Lynn for making this gear possible, and making the Combat Movie Tour of GIRL MEETS BIKE a lot more comfortable--and a lot drier!

Our other new sponsor in Minneapolis is LEO'S SOUTH Moto Guzzi/BMW, who helped out with a new helmet for my tour.  My old Shoei can be seen in the movie on the character of Martin, and it is TRASHED!  I'm getting my new Shoei QWEST tomorrow, and can't wait to have quiet and comfort.  Thanks to Nathan at LEO'S for making this affordable.

Sean O'Neil of ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE CLUB OF AMERICA, VIKING CHAPTER is also helping make GIRL MEETS BIKE'S trip possible to Mid-Ohio.  I'll be riding with him and his friends down to Ohio, and Sean's route across Lake Michigan via FERRY will make the trip more fun and cheaper!  So thanks to Sean for having me and El Toro 1000s along, and for supporting the film for the last year at his excellent June vintage show in St. Paul, MN.

And also our moto affection to Minneapolis shops who are making the DVD available on their counters:  ONE ON ONE BICYCLE, ROADRUNNER RECORDS, BLUE CAT MOTORCYCLES, SCOOTERVILLE, LEO'S SOUTH MOTO GUZZI/BMW, and DUCATI OF MINNEAPOLIS.

One last thanks to Fletch and Jacqui of TON-UP CHICAGO who took us under their motorcycle wings for the MID-OHIO VINTAGE RACES.  Thanks for letting our camel in your tent, and also to CAFE RACER MAGAZINE who I'll thank in advance:)  More soon!!


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