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"When's the Movie Gonna Show??"

Jun 23, 2012

We're shooting for a big-screen sneak preview of the finished film in Minneapolis in September, 2012 -- and also in Northfield, MN, the film's location.

     We're currently very close to being done, now finishing up last bits of sound editing, and preparing for the KICKSTARTER campaign to begin on Bastille Day, SAT.14.July (

     Our KICKSTARTER goal is to raise a minimum of 10,000 for soundtrack music licensing, sound mixing, color correction, and subtitling (German, French, Chinese, Japanese, English and Spanish).  If we exceed our 10,000 goal, we can finish the film with even higher quality sound, picture and DVD extras.

     KICKSTARTER contributions are a way to receive a DVD of the film, and other moto-friendly items, such as a "Bike Curious" patch for your jacket, a 24"x 36" POSTER for your garage, a "GIRL MEETS BEER" koozie, or a "GIRL MEETS BIKE" knit acrylic soccer-style hooligan scarf -- all perfect holiday gifts for your moto-minded loved ones.  These practical moto items are our thanks for your help in making this film possible.  

     Actor, Ruth Menard, and I will be out at many motorcycle events this summer (BEARDED LADY in Minneapolis, ROCKERBOX in Milwaukee) to meet you and spread the word.  Your Kickstarter support will also make our September preview possible, so thanks in advance from all of us behind and in front of the camera. This film was made by and for the people it depicts--YOU!  So come be a part of GIRL MEETS BIKE!


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