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Dec 20, 2012

Hello, everybody!

We've just mailed off all the KICKSTARTER reward items, and everyone sounds happy with their goodies.  The scarves are especially popular, and I heard from one man that his wife "loved her T-SHIRT" and the movie poster is "already framed and hanging in the rec room!"  I also have a poster framed and hanging in my living room--they came out very nicely:  high gloss, heavy paper, very handsome!

We'll have T-SHIRTS, SCARVES, POSTER, etc up on this site in the next few weeks, so check in to see.  We have a limited number of T-SHIRT sizes from this first Kickstarter batch, so get yours quickly when they're up.  We also have only 20 scarves left, so they'll also go quickly.

Meanwhile, the film itself marches on toward completion--probably in the winter for an early spring premiere.  We're still recording music, placing subtitles, and doing sound mixing.  It's a slow process, but we're very pleased with the film.  It is quite unique, and has had great appeal to motorcyclists and non-motards, alike. 

We're also lucky to have Polish added to our list of subtitled languages, thanks to a great group of moto friends in Poland.  The DVD will now have Polish, German, Chinese, French, Spanish and English as options.  We'll also have a commentary track which is rare for smaller indie films.  I'm excited to include this, since I'll be able to discuss the aesthetic approaches we used which frequently get ignored these days in favor of (tedious) technical discussions of bit rates and budgets. 

Thanks again to all who've helped so far.  We can't wait to get this done and out to the world! 


Eric Tretbar, director, GIRL MEETS BIKE



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